7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 7

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1.  This a great read.  I am only half way through and find myself sneaking away to get a few more pages.  We utilize a lot of the principles of conservation that Forrest Pritchard writes about but we are just trying to dip our toes into the world of marking directly off the farm.  Currently all of our beef is sold through the local sale barn.  I am hungry for farm marketing information as we think about making the switch.  The author’s style is an easy conversational type of writing that makes for a pleasant experience.  I would recommend this to anyone, not just farming folks.  As an extra added bonus, the foreword is written by Joel Salatin! If you aren’t familiar with Joel from Polyface Farms and are interested in sustainable agriculture…you need to start right now.

2.  I catch myself using the phrase “Pre-baby” and “After-baby” almost daily.  P.B. or A.B. are the divisions in my timeline now.  It is as if pre-baby was a different person in a different time continuum or something.  I don’t know or remember pre-baby Stacie….I know it is cheesy to say that life started with baby but, I think it is true….or at least, it started over.  Folks that would tell me all the time P.B. about the changes I was in store for…..Honestly, I didn’t have a clue.  I didn’t imagine all the wondrous changes that we were and still are going to experience.  How great is it to be a kid again???

3.  A favorite blog of mine went on hiatus this week for the near future and I am a little at a loss.  Brings home the gnawing fear that perhaps we can get a little too attached to this internet thingy.  I thought I had a handle on it but maybe not.  Do you have blogs that you check numerous times a day and are disappointed when they don’t post?  Is that normal or just over the top?  Is it just me?

4.  Purchased all the ingredients for this homemade laundry detergent.  This is my first attempt at homemade cleaning products and I am excited to finally give it a try.  I know that this has been so overdone on Pinterest but wonder how many people who pinned a homemade laundry detergent recipe actually tried it…Hopefully the pin and forget trap didn’t get them!  Wish me luck and I will report how it goes.

5.  Farm update:  Fall calves are dropping everywhere.  It is just heavenly to see the fall born calves running around in the beautiful fall weather.  Prep for the upcoming farm tour has reach a furious pace.  Fall wheat planting is underway as of today.  Pictures to come soon.

6.  What is too young for the first pumpkin patch trip?  We skipped it last year as Mae was only 6-7 months old but I think she is old enough to appreciate it at 18mths old.  I have seen plenty of infant pumpkin pics and even though they are cute as heck…Why?  It seems a little silly to me.

7.  Why are 7 quick takes so hard to do?  Can we make this 5 quick takes for crying out loud???? One for each business day should cut it, right?


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  1. One of my favorite pics of my little guy is the shot of him from the back (with his little monkey harness/leash) in a red hat, climbing on a pile of pumpkins at the patch when he was about 2…Definitely worth a trip! Especially if they have a petting area or straw bale play area or wagon rides…

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