I want to say yes…..

Are you a “Yes” person? Or a “No” person? I am talking about your gut reaction to any proposal, plan, or request….Does your body say “No” first?

I am afraid mine does. Straight as an arrow, type A here and when presented with something new, I hesitate…I want to research, mull over and determine if that is really the best approach. When I don’t have what I view as enough of the facts, my brakes go on. It isn’t that I can’t make a decision, it is that I want all the information available before doing so.

I am a researcher…..Yes, almost all purchases go through the rigorous review process; online review, price comparison, and peer review. The process of picking out our TV took a month and our mattress took six months. Making social plans….I have to ask, “What else needs to be done? Can we afford to be away? What else will suffer?”

Yes, it could be argued that this sounds like the voice of maturity or responsibility but I long to turn that voice off sometimes. I want to be a “Yes” person. Instead of this:

“Do I want to go for ice cream?”
“Yes, but we haven’t eaten dinner. It will be way too much sugar. We should just stay home and eat something healthier.”

Responsible? Yes. Boring? Yes

I know that there are plenty of people in this world that can make a decision based on simple desire. And, there are days when I am envious of that…..My deep rooted fear of doing anything half-assed can get in the way. I have to tell myself that sometimes it doesn’t have to be the best quality, or the over the top experience. Sometimes it just needs to be…..

The irony in all of this is that I can make any emotional decision in a snap. I can trust my gut and run with it as I almost always do. No hesitation there at all. How does one take some of that free-form thinking and roll it over into the other parts of life?

I don’t want my knee jerk reaction of “No” to keep Mae Mae from experiencing everything this world has to offer. My fear is that I won’t be able to expose Mae to all the spontaneity and fun that childhood should have. My husband is destined to the “fun parent” out of the two of us.. There is no question that he is the freespirt and I am the nerd.  That being said, I need to focus on meeting him somewhere in the middle for Mae Mae’s sake.   

Folks can say “Lighten up!” all they want…..but how does someone actually do that?


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