High Tunnel Project

This 2013 project was a labor of love for the entire family. We purchased a 30ft x 72ft kit and then assembled and constructed the high tunnel ourselves. Here is our story.

A high tunnel is another name for a hoop house or what I would call a passive greenhouse. All produce is grown directly in the soil, not in pots or trays but directly in the soil. Ok..Well how is that different from just a garden? The high tunnel structure alone (even without supplemental heat) will extend the growing season. We will be able to start tomatoes in February and keep fall crops well into December.

We started with the assembly of the aluminum frame. Each post was set in concrete, trusses assembled on the ground and lifted into place with the tractor.

Curtain walls allow for ventilation without the need of electricity for fans.


Next step was stretching the large sheet of plastic over the top of the structure.  This was a little tricky due to the size of the plastic.  We had to pick a warm but not windy day in hopes that the plastic would stretch properly and not take flight. This is a picture of Eddie getting ready to the throw the rope over the top of the high tunnel to pull the plastic over the top.


DSC_0609 DSC_0602

Just the four of us were able to get this done with the help of our pint size cheerleader.


Next we moved onto framing the end walls.


Covered the end walls with plastic.



And finished up with installing the sliding doors.


Final product. Now all we have left to do is to till up the ground and plant.



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