Do tell?

So…when you start a blog, there are so many things to consider. The initial setup brings up some many unanticipated decisions to make. Word press or blogger? What theme do I choose? What the heck is a widget? What is the difference between a page and a post? How do I make this thing publish a post? Am I doing this right? Can anyone even see this thing but me?

But, the biggest question of all for me was, “Who do I tell about this blog?”.

I am a private person by nature and part of a very private and conservative family. Between my folks, my husband and I, you won’t find a Facebook page between us… why a blog, you ask? Well, I am not sure. But, I feel the need to do this and after a tiny bit of time to get my feet wet…. I am enjoying this and will continue to do it. I don’t care if ten strangers or ten thousands strangers read this but I go numb at the thought of my closest family and friends reading it. It is tough to be judged by the ones that know you best. It is also impossible to not be completely yourself when they are looking on. The best accountability you can get I suppose.

To me blogging feels a little like standing naked on side of the street. To pull those innermost thoughts, feelings, and worries out of the private world of your own head and put them down on paper sure does make them real. It solidifies those thoughts into something tangible that you can’t take back. Does that mean I worry about regrets? The only fear of regret I have is that I would somehow inadvertently hurt my family or friends with this blogging adventure.

All of these thoughts have been at the forefront all weekend, as I took the big scary step and included my folks in all of this. When the shock wears off, I hope that they are supportive……

I do wonder about other bloggers out there. Tell me, do you tell your family and friends?


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