7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 5

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1.  Kids are funny….I know you know, but I didn’t really know, you know…..I always thought kids were entertaining, sweet and just downright cute at hell.  But my kid is belly laugh funny!  I am not usually a giggler; maybe a smile and a small chuckle but a genuine belly laugh didn’t used to come around that often.  Mae has changed that…..There are lots of belly laughs in our house now.  Each night as we are getting ready to nurse to sleep, we say “night, night” to Daddy as he turns out the lights.  Well, I say “night, night” and Mae yells “bye, bye” with a loooonnnnggggggg drawn out southern drawl.  I have no idea where on earth she got that accent.  But it is hilarious.  Each night I hang out in our nursing chair trying to stifle a laugh as she is nursing to sleep.  It is a great way to end the day. Must make it my mission to get it on video! 

2.  Parents are funny too…Well, not all the time but at least some of the time.  Mae Mae absolutely cracks up at the sight of my toes.  And if I wiggle them, she will lose it in a fit of giggles.  Granted, I do have some pretty funny looking feet.  I don’t think it is normal for your third toe to be the same length as you big toe, is it? But Mae is not repulsed by these feet with fingers for toes… she thinks they are the greatest.  Well, at the least….. mildly entertaining.  Never having been the life of party/entertaining kind, it is nice to get a chuckle out of the pint size crowd in our home. 

3.  Got a few furniture painting projects lined up.  Finally going to get a chance to try some chalk paint.  Eyeballing Annie Sloan and Shabby Paints.  And then there is whole another contender called milk paint????????  Haven’t really figured out what the difference in the final product would be…..Still trying to sort it all out.  Advice anyone? 

4.  We are living in a rental and planning our dream home on paper.  (I promise I will expand on all of that soon).  This rental is a cute as a bug, little white farmhouse less than a mile from our farm.  It is working out wonderfully for us and we are grateful for its proximity to the farm. It has two bedrooms upstairs and a semi-finish bedroom in a completely unfinished basement.  We downsized into this house so there is extra furniture lying around in the basement.  I am torn between my need to clear out clutter to live as simply as possible and my need to save for future up cycling of items.  How can it feel wasteful to keep the items and wasteful to sell/donate all at the same time?  When you don’t know how or if you will be able to use a particular item in a home you don’t have yet, it leaves you will a lot of transition items….or more fairly put – homeless items.  I have to find a happy middle ground…. My mantra for this weekend is to keep only the items that truly mean something and forgo the items I would only hold onto because they are useful.  Wish me luck….. 



5.  We are having a farm tour in October.  One of the local conservation offices is hosting a meeting and farm tour at our farm.  Having company coming is always a good motivator to clean.  Lots of mowing, weed eating and general manicuring going on here.  Got to get it all in tip-top shape! 

6.  Are kids birthday celebrations just getting bigger and bigger or is it just me?  My sweet niece “L” is turning 8……There will be a party for sixteen girls starting with a limo ride to the restaurant.  She is thrilled with all of this and I couldn’t be happier for her but…..HOLY CRAP THAT IS A BIG DEAL FOR AN EIGHT YEAR OLD.  Not judging but wondering what 9, 10, 11, & 12 etc. will be.   Since I am so new to the children birthday party scene with only one under my belt I am probably not qualified to have any thoughts on this….but I want to say that I think we will be more comfortable with a low-key handmade cake kind of day.  I have also toyed with the idea of making each birthday a day trip of the birthday kid’s choice.. I will probably regret that way of thinking too….Looking for good birthday traditions! Anyone? 

7.  Links for the week:

 After this post, I was comforted to find this old read again. 

Love this family’s courage and brevity.  

Another Matt Walsh must read.

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