Am I your type?

In this blogging world, friends connect over the tiniest of things from blog to blog and make life long connections. But in the end, why does it feel like we all end up in some sort of category?  Seems to me that we end up stuffed down in our respective boxes of mommy blogs, or lifestyle blogs, or design blogs, or religious blogs, or farm blogs….Why must I be any particular “type” of blog? Must we all have a name?

Perhaps it is because I am still struggling to find my blogging voice, but is seems to me that communities of bloggers seem to huddle up together around their common thread and the rest of the blogging world falls away. Not that I blame them. It would be the most comfortable approach to all of this. Find a nitch, a circle, or a family and hop in. But also feels a little damn restrictive and claustrophobic.

Some part of me wants to link up with everyone I already read, email my favorite bloggers and tell them to come on over. But to be honest, that just isn’t me. I am a bit of a hermit and normally very guarded with inner thoughts and worries……… Not the most social of social media avenues around here. I am petrified of the day I tell my family and friends about all of this.

I know that this line of thinking could be alienating to some and that is just going to have to be ok.

My approach to this blog has to be one that makes my heart sing.

When it comes down to it……I want to write about what inspires me. That is no different than anyone else, I suppose. I think these interests of mine cross many boundaries though and won’t really appeal to any one group of readers. So be it. This blog will have to wear many hats then…..

Since my goal is to write for myself and my family, I am pledging to myself to write exclusively about the things that inspire me in positive or negative ways…To write about the things that keep me up at night. The things I want to do with this one life we get. The person I want to be. The family I want to be and the life I want to lead….

Yes…I think that is it. This is the challenge to myself to write for me…and where I am headed.


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