Weekend Roundup Vol 3

Here is what we were up to this weekend…..

Hallelujah to the first sliding entry door to the high tunnel.  All four doors are up now.  The high tunnel project will get its own post one day and I will start at the beginning….


The old Massey broken down and out to pasture


The salsa garden in a nutshell….yummy goodness.


The rain has been good to us this year but it getting dry in a hurry. Isn’t the saying, “Here in the Ozarks we are never more than two weeks from a drought.”


We aren’t afraid to get dirty….


Or sneak a piece of cat food…..


Is there anything better than a farm fresh egg on a saturday morning?


I think the sidewalk chalk is more for the adults than Mae Mae at this point. She still wants to lick the chalk.


Someone was being sweet…..



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