7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 4

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1. OK.. so who wants to talk about Miley Cyrus?  Anyone?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Even so, this is a must read on the trashy, trashy, trashy issue.

2. Do all breastfeeding moms of toddlers become closet nursers at some point?  A good friend warned me about this.  She told me straight up that once we hit the one year mark…that I should lie, lie, lie, lie on the subject.  I chuckled and blew it off.  Well, I have to sadly admit that she was on to something.  Why does every (well intended or not) person have an opinion on the subject?  The common response to any bump in the road with our 16 month old has been lately…”Well maybe you should wean.”…..That is usually met with silence or the canned response of “We will wean when she is ready to wean”.  I know that this issue has seen too many blogging hours on many a mommy blogs but I had to include because lately it has started to eat at me.   I think the new game plan on this end will now have to be…..avoid the breastfeeding topic like the plague.

3.  As I mentioned here, we spent sometime in the city at a killer playground this week with Mae Mae.  We get so excited to have access to such great playground equipment at such a large park in a MAJOR CITY, that I was floored to see that there wasn’t another kid at this park. Let me repeat… .NOT ONE KID.   Granted it was lunch time on a weekday and it was HOT.  But I thought at the bare minimum there would be a few SAHM’s and toddlers running off some energy.  Lets hope all of those kids weren’t parked in front of the tube at home. No loss for us though.  Mae Mae had the run of the park.



4.  Why is there no such thing as a cute, fashionable, trendy, or a tolerable blackout curtain?  Most are such boring muted colors and stripes that I am playing with the idea of making my own.  Biggest sewing project yet for sure.  I am considering this tutorial. Does anyone have any advice before I tackle this mammoth project? Or even better a link to buy some cute drapes to save me the heartache.

5.  Well, this is for the female reader for sure.  If you haven’t ever taken the time to go to the real deal bra shop, drop what you are doing and get your butt there now!  I have no idea why I waited so damn long to do this…I kept telling myself that the local department store was going to cut it just fine but I have been lying to myself for too long.  That thirty minute visit this week has changed my life.  Dramatic I know, but true.  It is so worth the time and money.  GO DO IT NOW!

6. On the hunt for some good reading material for my soon to be 8-year-old niece.  I am considering pulling out the classics and getting her some of the Nancy Drew books.  I loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy books as a kid and read them all over and over.  I don’t know if they are something she would enjoy as they aren’t very hip or trendy I am guessing.  Even an eight year old is aware of what is in and what is out.  Does anyone have any other reading recommendations for a 8-year-old that reads very well?

7.  Long holiday weekends can be a wonderful asset to the off farm worker in an attempt to get caught up.  We have a great work filled weekend planned here in the Ozarks.  Hope everyone has a wonderful labor day weekend.

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    • Thanks for the lead on the curtains. Think I am after some pattern though. Looks like I better get the sewing machine out!

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