7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 3

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1.  Well…. I hit the sleep deprivation wall this week.  After an extra crummy night of teething and who knows what, I had to crawl back to bed.  There would be no daily commute to work for this babe…It wasn’t safe for me to be behind the wheel.  My dad took the little munchkin to daycare and I hit the pillow.  I only got up to eat lunch and back to bed I went. My body had reached its limit and shut down for the day.  I am feeling better now though still fatigued but that will probably continue until little miss weans.

2.  Does anyone else know someone who periodically breaks out with a song lyric or movie quote with no warning or explanation?  That would be my husband…….He has a library in his brain of songs and movies that I can’t even begin to keep up with.  Pop culture in general is a mystery to me.  I was that kid that didn’t do well in Quizbowl because she grew up in a house without a TV and couldn’t answer any of the pop culture questions.   I didn’t know what the sitcom “Friends” was until I was in college.  Yes…it was that bad.  As a kid, I would just nod my head and agree with whomever was speaking and try to avoid the conversation all together.  Now as an adult, I just glare at my husband to see if he is going to give me an explanation…Most times he doesn’t and I am a-okay with that.  Sometimes it is just better not knowing.

3.  Loving this guy. He wrote this article about the recent debacle at our Missouri State Fair.  I am sure you have all seen the story smeared all over the news but Matt has a hilarious take on it all. 

4. I am a moleskin fanatic…..It seems like I have one for just about every use. But I just came across this moleskin baby journal and I am very intrigued.  It is so hard to get a feel for the journal through a picture online and no one here carries it locally.  Has anyone got their paws on one?

5. We are getting ready for fall seeding prep. That means days and days of discing, harrowing and seeding.  Here a few photos from previous years. More to come as we get started for this fall. 



6. Dave Ramsey family here….Though we have followed and read his books for years, we didn’t start the envelope system until a few months ago.  Why the hell was I so stubborn about it?  I thought I could do just as good of a job budgeting without the envelopes.  Well…I am here to announce that I was full of it.  Should have done it years ago as it is making a big difference every month.  It has got me fired up to declutter even more than we have and have a long overdue yard sale.  If you haven’t heard of Dave you must go to his website, buy the book, go to the class and START CHANGING THE FUTURE! 

7.  Lets round out this Friday with a photo of little Mae Mae. This was taken after work the other day.  I took her out of her car seat and she grabbed up her bag and stick and she was off…..She had an adventure in mind I am sure.  Too bad, I had to stop her before she hit the highway.


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  1. More and more, I’m realizing how old I’m getting. You didn’t know about Friends until you were in college. I saw the first episode, which aired after I was married. Regardless, I have two friends who can whip out the character, name of actor, song, singer, or anything pop culture in the blink of an eye. It’s maddening, really.
    The article about the rodeo clown was hilarious. Thanks for directing me to it. Although, I almost got lost in a time warp reading the comments to go with it. Yikes.
    The photo of Mae Mae is adorable.
    Dave Ramsey does have a great program for getting and staying out of debt.
    Good luck with the fall seeding.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It is nice to have someone appreciate being in the dark when it comes to pop culture. Matt Walsh is a word wizard and I enjoy all his posts! Come back soon!

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