What about the rest of the us?

I am not a stay at home mom…………There I said it.

I work in the Ag industry putting my BS in Animal Science to good use and love what I do but it kills me not to be home with our little girl.

As much as I would love to be home, it is not in the cards for us financially at this point.  My husband, mother and myself all work off the farm.  My father takes on the huge responsibility of the farm day to day………and watches Mae Mae a day or two a week.  The other days are spent at the neighbor’s house just a mile from the farm with a few other children.  Our daycare is a small in home daycare run by one woman who watches a handful of kids and takes care of them like they are her own.  I know that Mae is well cared for and loved during the workday.  Even with the good fortune to have such a good daycare, it is by no means the ideal situation but we are making it work.  My mother was home with all of us and I had always envisioned it the same for my own children.  It is still gut wrenching to drop her off each weekday.……

We dream of the farm supporting us all one day and are doing our damnedest to get there.

But in the meantime, I find it very frustrating that all the mommy/baby activities (in our area at least) seemed to be geared toward stay at home moms only.  Music classes, dance classes, yoga classes, swimming lessons, breastfeeding meetings…..WHY ARE THEY ALL AT 10AM ON A TUESDAY??????  What about working moms?  There would probably be more breastfeeding working moms if they had their meetings on a Saturday for crying out loud! 

And swim lessons M-F only????  I guess they assume that working parents are going to take vacation or grandparents are going to bring them???  I need to mark in my planner now to save my summer vacation next  year so that I can schedule it around the city pool’s swim class schedule?  I don’t think so….I guess that is what the stock tank, river, or plastic tub on the porch are for!



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    • Thank you for the kind words. Just starting this blog as you are and it is so nice to get positive feedback. Good luck with your blogging journey!

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