Toys Gone Mad

I have to confess that I used to get a secret chuckle out of those parents whose house looked like “toy-r-us on crack” as my sister would say. I didn’t understand how they could let the ruble overrun the house. And of course, I thought that I would never be that kind of parent. Granted, we have for the most part tried to keep the toys in our home to a minimum and to keep the toys we do have along the educational lines as much as possible.

That being said, what I didn’t expect when I started this baby journey was that I wouldn’t really mind to see the stuffed animals, books, blocks, shoes scattered on the floor.

Or the roller coaster that has taken up residence in our living room.


The toys in the living room floor that you have to step over or clean up every night, the bath tub full of baby shampoo and rubber ducks, the tiny little socks on the clothesline, the highchair in the kitchen…are things that I thought would clutter up the home and be a burden of some sort. But to my disbelief, they have become cheerful little reminders of Mae Mae’s place in our home and hearts.


Even though I will continue to be a woman who keeps a clean house and hates clutter with a passion, I have softened my view of all the little things that remind me that I am lucky enough to be a parent. These are daily reminders of what a blessing kids are. I didn’t truly understand that prior to Mae Mae.

Kids are absolute gifts….


Ahhhh…Much better!


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