7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 2


 Linking up with Jen for the second time!

— 1 —

 Anyone else not sleeping out there?  Confession time…..Mae Mae has yet to sleep through the night.  She is 16 months old and still getting up to nurse 3-5 times a night.  That makes for one tired Mama…..

— 2 —

Trying to decide whether to make the leap to a smart phone…Yes, I still have flip phone.  Anyone remember the Razor?  I have a lovely 2007 model that has been run over at least once. We don’t have cell service at home and I don’t want to pay for a data plan that I would only use during the work day but  man is it tempting.  I am wishing for a better camera to capture those moments when I don’t have my real camera hanging around my neck.   The razor is showing signs of wear so I will have to do something soon.


Is anyone else drooling over the new Nokia 1020 phone?  41 mgea pixals is just mind blowing to me…My razor has 1.3 MP.  Doesn’t even compare.  But, my razor is paid for and the $300 price tag for the Nokia makes it a no go for me. 

— 3 —

Our garden didn’t end up being much this year.  Weather, time, and too many other projects left us with just a salsa garden this year.  Neighbors and coworkers have been nice enough to share their extra bounty so we have had corn to freeze and just today PEACHES! 

Here is a good quality razor pic for you…



— 4 —

This crazy cool weather has been such blessing.  We haven’t run the AC in a week or more!  Mae Mae even needed a jacket during our evening walks. It has been wonderful.

— 5 —

Mae Mae has just started giving kisses.  Nothing melts your heart like a big ole slobbery baby kiss.

— 6 —

Things I have been liking this week.

Here is my next reading list. 

Finally someone explains the lack of a complete conversion once you have kids.  Too funny.

A reminder to us all the value of family traditions in our homes.  Sweet post.

I have to make these soon!

— 7 —

 Since I have been at this post for way too long and number 7 is alluding me… I pass.

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