7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 1

— 1 —

Well…..The monsoon is upon us here in central Missouri.  This weather is such a sharp contrast to last year’s extreme, extreme, extreme drought that it is hard to wrap our minds around it.  Major flooding almost statewide that has left many of our two lane roads closed and even the interstate. On the farm front, all is well.  Creek has been going to its banks daily it seems but receding by mid afternoon allowing passage to cattle on the other side.  Our little wet weather creek really only runs during rain events with the exception of a few pools of water anyway…so we manage just fine. Rain everyday as far as the forecast can see…….unbelievable.

— 2 —

Major lightening early in the week claimed the life of our cheap but adored router.  No internet for me and for Eddie, NO NETFLIX…….We are recent DirectTV defectors and rely solely on video streaming for our TV.  Here is a little tidbit for you…If you call DirectTV in an attempt to cancel your service you will be directed to their, get this….CUSTOMER RETENTION DEPARTMENT!  They have an entire damn department to keep you on their hook. There you will subjected to numerous and I mean numerous attempts to retain you as a customer.  You will even be asked by a customer service rep what you intend to do for entertainment.  And even when you tell her that it is none of her business, she will again attempt to keep you.  You have been warned.  But really, best thing we could have ever done.  It was such a sigh of relief when I hung up the phone….Or maybe it was just the relief of being out of the customer service rep very pervasive claws.

— 3 —

So…very wet rainy weather, no internet, no tv and get this Mae Mae came down with hand, foot and mouth disease on Monday.  Do you have a good picture of our week?  Mae Mae is doing much better as the fever, rash and I think general uncomfortableness has passed.  Yep, she will probably wake any sec from her deep slumber to tell me that I am wrong.  Brought that upon myself.

— 4 —

Eddie has taken on some extra construction work this week.  A small remodel job that had turned into an electrical nightmare and keeping him on the jobsite until after Mae’s bed time and he is missing the hell out of her.  I might be missing him some too but probably wouldn’t admit it if he asked.  We are mushy like that around her……

— 5 —

My amateur sewing skills have been majorly stretched and tested as I got it in my head that I was going to make Mae Mae a toddler backpack to haul her treasures around.  Bless the internet and all its wisdom, as I was able to find just the right tutorial that walked my ass through it.  Two weekends worth of nap times and it is complete.  Lost track of how many times I redid my work….but I am proud of how it turned out (don’t peek on the inside!).  Riding on my new sewing high, I decided to whip out another for my niece and proceeded to do this in only two naps!  Watch out sewing world, I am coming for you one toddler backpack at a time………I even see some floor pillows on the horizon…….

Toddler Backpack

— 6 —

We are wrapping up our Creighton Model NFP instruction sessions and our instructor is turning us loose this week to chart for entire month before checking back in…..We are so blessed to have found this method of family planning and we are very much looking forward to using this to achieve and or avoid pregnancy as our family grows.  This really is a topic for an entire post or even series…More to come. 


— 7 —

We are on the hunt for the perfect toddler back carrier.  To be honest the one we have is the pitts…..We are still blown away at the cost of these carriers.  It just doesn’t make semse to me that they are that expensive.  Also on the fence about whether or not to go with an aluminum frame or not.  Any suggestions?  What carrier do you use?  Do you love it or hate it?


Now that internet is back up and running again around here….hope to keep up an more regular posting schedule.  Are you holding your breath?

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  1. Baby Wearing Swaps! We use the Boba with our toddler (2.5 yrs and about 30 lbs). I also used that backpack tutorial! Loved it! We also started Creighton Class after having our first. Love the method.

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