the post that had to start it all…………

Blogging land is an intimidating one for me……Does what I write want to be or even should be read? Not sure. I am overcoming my fears of the blogging world and diving into today. I setup the site six months ago but haven’t really figured out how to start.

So what is this site to be…???

1. Family life and a place to document it all??? I have a vision that my kid(s) will want to read this all one day and learn about their family from their 30 somethings parents perspective. Is that naive of me? Will my children even want to read this all…..Will the site even be there???? I don’t know but this seems the best way to write it all down.

2. Living is up on the farm??? Farm life is such a big part of us and I have found so few good production (not hobby) farm blogs that accurately depict farm life. I want to share our farm story.

3. DIY/Design Space?? Our dream farmhouse is currently on paper and construction planned for the near future. This self build will be a huge labor of love and I want to remember every blood sweat and tear that will come with it. Hubby and I are in for the ultimate marriage challenge I am afraid.

4. Mommy ramblings? NFP, breastfeeding, toddler struggles, joy of all the firsts…

To this über goal oriented individual, ever cell in my body says that this site can’t begin without a mission statement in mind….(that is the dork in me)…. Perhaps this is where I begin to let go and start a journey without knowing where it is going or even why I am on the trail.

So…Cheers to the beginning of……..well lets just hang on for the ride and see!


4 responses

  1. I totally understand that overwhelming feeling! Glad to know I’m not the only one who struggled with some direction. You’ll get into the swing of it:)

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