today can be the day

Not sure why today is the day that I missed the blog and found myself back here but……

This little blog is ready for an update and a re-launch.  It was starting to feel a little stale and forced and not really with any direction.

So after a spring of fresh air it is time to air out this blog and start new….

Stay tuned.





how much is just enough?

How much is just enough?

Ever notice how fascinated we are about getting size just so….clothes, cars, people, houses….. We have a love affair with getting it just right. Not too much or not enough…..

What happens if we come up a little short anyway???  Is it the idea of being in need or a small inconvenience or hardship that makes us squirm?

I get it, I really do…..I have the need to tweak, and reshape every faucet of my life to make it fit just right.

I am paralyzed with fear that I will plan, build and move into a home with too much or too little space.  The obvious solution is to build it a little larger just in case…

In case of what???? That I don’t know.

A bit much is too much for my wallet and for my imaginary cleaning fairy that I will have to hire one day when I am rolling in money….. How many tomatoes to you think I need to sell to meet THAT goal?

So again we are back to the getting it just right….How will I know?????

Too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short.

I guess we are all a little bit too much or too little of something.




Christmas Playhouse

Sometimes the best of Pinterest intentions get you a cardboard box.

Granted, it is a sweet little box complete with shingles and pink gingerbread.

Keeping the tradition of making Mae a Christmas gift alive, I turned to this pin that I have been swooning over for months. It just looked so simple and sweet to pass up on.


So off to Staples I went for the foam board.  Our local stores don’t carry the right size so I had to place an online order.  No biggie, just had it shipped straight to my office…..Well, until it got here that is.  The damn box was so big, there was no way to fit it in the car.  So after a vehicle switch-a-roo with my mother, I was able to get the box home.  That was the only real hiccup with the supplies, unless you count someone (not me) placing a large box over the duct tape and exacto knife rendering them lost in the storage room forever.  Forever turned out to be right after Christmas….after I had replaced all the supplies.

I followed the diagrams to the tee but the measurements aren’t accurate.  I had to take the liberty of some customization but I finished up the paint touch up and duct tape reinforcement on Christmas Eve as Mae Mae and Daddy snoozed away.

(Eddie has taken up the bedtime reading task but falls asleep right along and even before Mae sometimes.  The other night, she came to my bed to tell me she needed to use the potty.  I asked her where Daddy was and she started making snoring sounds.  Daddy was out cold…..)




If you follow this pin please take the measurements as a general guideline.




Talking with Mae


Entering the room with her hands up.

Mae:  F…B…I!

Mommy:  (blinks)

Mae:  You go to jail.  (As she pulls my hands behind my back and tries to pull me to her bedroom)


Mae:  (finger stuck up her nose and digging around with a very serious look on her face)

Mommy:  Are you okay?  Did you get it?

Mae: Yes….It looks like chicken.


As a group of Daddy’s friends left the house a couple of evenings ago.

Mae:  Bye, Dudes!


Out of the blue..

Mae:  I want to have baby when I grow big.  I will cuddle her.

Mommy:  (cue the tears)


Something she picked up from her cousin and we hear it often…….

Mae:  Mommy!  I just need you.


While making the second trip to the potty after bedtime.

Mommy:  Do you really have to potty, or are you faking?

Mae:  Shhhhhh!  I am sleepwalking.




tease of the seasons

I lost a month somewhere.  Yes…It has been a month since the last post.

Spring came for a few days, teased us and slunk away guiltily……



We have had snow………..



Family visits……………………



Sledding cousins…….





Cold cows………..



Dreams of spring……………..





We miss you spring.

paleo it is

Due to health issues surrounding our struggle with infertility, my doctor strongly suggested a strict paleo diet about six months ago…..

NO gluten, NO grain, NO sugar, NO dairy.  This went into effect the first day of my last miscarriage.  There was no transition period and no tip-toeing.  By the time I got home from the doctor’s office the tide had turned.

I am now six months in and have had some major improvements.  My skin has finally cleared.  I am shedding the last of the baby weight (25 lbs so far).  My digestive issues have disappeared.  My cycles have normalized some and we will be giving this baby making thing another try this year.

I have been eating low carb for the better part of a decade.  Most everyone I know, knew better than to offer me dessert.   I have dealt with break room lunch politics and snide comments and looks of disgust at my plate of veggies.  I thought I was ready for this.

Boy, was I ever not ready…….What people don’t understand, they will ridicule.

Here is a little list to help clear things up……

This is not a diet change because “gluten-free” is trendy right now.  Gluten free is not grain free….Remember that.

This is not a new years diet resolution.

This is not just a quick fix in an attempt to have a baby.

This is not a vain attempt to lose the rest of the baby weight though that has been a nice bonus.

This is not a temporary change as I will not be able to return to any other diet. EVER.  Any gluten, sugar, dairy, or grain causes an immune response in which my thyroid gets the brunt of.

This is a lifestyle change.  Emphasis on the LIFE….as in for LIFE.

Don’t pressure me to just have a “one bite”.  One bite can trigger an immune response that can last up to six months.  This has to be hard-core.  There is no other option.

Don’t pressure me for an explanation when I have to decline an invite to a meal out.  How embarrassed would you feel if you had to explain to a colleague why you can’t attend that free work lunch?

Don’t offer other diet solutions based on a half-assed attempt to read a portion of an article somewhere.

Don’t question me regarding the identity of the “unknown to you” food item on my plate.  You are going to make an ass out of yourself when the rest of the room finds out you don’t know what a brussel sprout or an avocado is.  It is not my job to help you learn the names of all the veggies in this world.

Don’t tell me the health/diet stories of your long-lost relatives.

Don’t praise my will power and ask me how I do it.  I don’t have a choice and that makes it easier but drawing attention to it makes that chocolate cake look really damn good and I don’t even like cake.

I don’t have the desire or time to explain the intricacies of my autoimmune disorder.  So please don’t ask.  You are going to have to just take my word for it that I CAN’T EAT THE TINIEST AMOUNT OF GLUTEN.  I am not obligated to prove it to you.

If I had a nut allergy, no one would even bat an eye and would more than likely be most helpful.

Just because my lunch box is just about as healthy as it gets, I am not judging yours.  I could honestly care less what you eat.  Your life, your food.

Let me eat in peace.

Please know that the next person you run across with some wacky looking food on their plate or the next person to decline a meal out with no apparent reason,  could have much more at stake.  MANY, MANY, MANY, people on this plant must be very selective about what nutrients they consume.  Please don’t make assumptions or judgments.  If fact, don’t draw attention to it at all and roll on.  The best way to be supportive is to remind yourself that it is really none of your business.




2015 has got me wound

This year seems to be steam rolling……

The overwhelming productiveness urge and need to spring clean my life from top to bottom is fierce this year.  More so than I can ever remember. Watch out to-do list…I am coming for you.

Last week, while digging in the safe, I came across my 2011 goals unopened.  Yeah, Yeah….I know, sue me.  Anyway, in great multitasker fashion, I skimmed the page and stuffed it back in the safe. But I have been chewing on the list ever since. You see, most of the list would still be on my goal list for 2015 if I had written them yet.

Finish floor plans, work on house cost-estimate, finish paying off credit card debit, HAVE A BABY……Ok, I did get pregnant in 2011 with Mae Mae so I did get that one done…but since we have been trying since 2009, it is always on the list.

I spent the weekend working on plans with an engineer friend and surveying the house site.  PROGRESS…..

Started seed in the basement for all the high tunnel tomatoes and cucumbers. PROGRESS………………..

Wrapped up endless hours pouring over seed catalogs and placed the remaining seed order.  There are 10,000 onions headed our way first of March. PROGRESS………

I have this overwhelming (mostly claustrophobic) urge to purge what hasn’t already been displaced from our home.  When I open the hallway utility closet I feel like I can’t breath….The donation box is going to get a work out this weekend.

Do you ever daydream about selling everything buying a van and hitting the road?  Or traveling till the money ran out.  Just a plane ticket and a backpack…… I do…Always have, but more so this January than ever before.  There are so many great road schooling families traveling the world and blogging all about it.  Checkout #ouropenroad on Instagram and you will want to flee the mainland too.

I want to write more.  Screw these little snippets of few minutes I find now and then at work.  I want to actually find time to write.

This is the year…I can feel it.   Possibilities seem truly endless right now.

The year that the list gets completed or burned.  Whichever comes first.

I can’t take the weight of it any longer.

Something has to get lighter.

I have never picked a word of the year. Always thought is was a little damn cheesy but that last sentence just hit home.


Yep,  I think it picked itself.




A table for Christmas…

Technically a table for fall but since we are having our first extended family Christmas on this table in a few days, it feels like the inaugural meal.

Eddie built this table about a year ago from this plan and it has been collecting dust and piles of junk in the basement for over a year. The sanding was about half complete when crummy weather on the carport forced the project inside where it sat for an embarrassing long time.

After we wrapped up the farmers market this summer, Eddie got back to it. In an effort to keep the dust down, we loaded up the table and two benches and hauled them to the barn.



At this point, the table was still in very rough condition. Rough pine 2×4’s and 2×6’s from the lumber yard and I found it hard to imagine this table in an actual dining room.



Eddie put about 8-10 hours of additional sanding in at this point and it transformed this table.




Once home, I put about 12+ hours in two coats of gel stain and 6 or so coats of poly.




It really turned out beautiful. This was a labor of love for sure.  I have no worries about keeping this table in pristine condition.  Any wear and tear will just add to the patina.

What a better way to say, “Merry Christmas” than a big farmhouse table for all the family to gather….

I blinked

I knew there was something I was forgetting…..Kind of like that damn dream where you wake up in a cold sweat because you just know that you enrolled in a class in college and you forgot to go…I am going to just chalk this month up to motherhood amnesia and life…A whole lot of life.

To be honest, I am a little life hungover right now but in a good way. My introverted self is exhausted to the core but in a good cozy by the fire, warm in your tummy, content sort of way. That may not make sense to anyone else but me…..

So, where have I been? Good question and I am not sure I have a solid answer. But, I am going to throw it all out there in true photo dump blog fashion.

We closed up the high tunnel for year. Disced that lettuce right under and said good night.




We traveled out-of-town to see a local Christmas production….We lasted till intermission before we bailed. I know it is rude but Mae and adults alike had had there fill.




We hosted godparents and family this past weekend for Mae’s baptism. I overly stressed in true Stacie fashion and was drained when it was all over but we had a wonderful time. Mae loved her dress and knew it was her special day. She sang a little song all the way to Mass that morning…..”Baptism…Baptism….Baptism!”




OH…yeah and there was a Thanksgiving in there somewhere…




This was our first PALEO Thanksgiving and it was a hit.






We said goodbye to this guy. We was getting up there in years and not moving the best any longer. It was also time to bring in some new genetics….So…. we artificially inseminated 25 cows this past weekend (and a baptism, crazy – I know).




Add Christmas shopping and prep for a house full the day after Christmas…..

Oh…and we are working on another Christmas project for Mae.  I am envisioning a late night Christmas eve again……More to come on that.


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